Fresh Buds – Vol. 11


DC - Fresh Buds

Fresh Buds is a new series on Daily Chiefers that takes an inside look at budding artists making waves on the internet. We focus on what’s important—the music, and less on the numbers. Read on to find out which new artists we think are bringing a fresh sound to their respective genres. Stay tuned for more!



New Los Angeles based artist, RØWAN, makes his debut on our pages today. His self produced track “yougotit” is truly an underrated gem. One listen will have you going back to hear RØWAN’s soothing melodies over the production. The track will leaving you wanting to hear more. Keep an eye on him as we await more new music.



Rising artist Patches is getting the spotlight he deserves with his new song. He links up with Namesake for a colorful and light hearted production for “Show Goes On.” The two are perfect pair and compliment each other well. There’s certainly an a refreshing element to this song that makes it stand out in a time a where our ears are flooded with new music daily. There is something special here, and you should definitely get familiar with Patches now.

Tony Velour (TV)


TV‘s new track with Dylan Brady is incredible. His latest cut “First Time For Everything” is a hit. Also, Be sure to peep the dope visuals shot in Tokyo for this track. TV’s refreshingly unique style has been over looked and should be getting more attention. Not only is he a talented artist but most of his music is self produced. Do yourself a favor a dig through his soundcloud right now.

Jordan Dennis


Melbourne based artist Jordan Dennis has fun, and fresh bounce to his music. The front man for Australia based group Billy Davis releases solo music with a featuring Blasko. The bounce to “Crumbs” will have you feeling good and ready to take on the day. Check out the first solo release from Jordan below.


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