Friday Heat Check: Baby Keem, Midwxst, BBY KODIE & More


Family Ties by Baby Keem (ft Kendrick Lamar)

Baby Keem ​finally links up with his big cousin for the highly anticipated collaboration on “Family Ties”! This record is gas; we get Keem hitting his trademark flows with more passion than I’ve heard in a minute. Giving the listener insight into his mental space and how grateful he is for the helping hand Kendrick has given him. However, Kung Fu Kenny comes in with one of the most versatile verses of the whole year and seems like he’s digging deep at the competition. It looks like more music is coming from him soon, and that’s exciting. 

All Talk by Midwxst

Midwxst has slowly become one of my favorite artists coming out of the hyper-pop scene. “All Talk” is a perfect example of why I think we should all be championing him as one of the lead voices of the genre. The record has quirky yet smooth production, which compliments his melodic delivery. Overall, I think the track is something you should give a spin. 

Children by BBY KODIE

“Children” is a banger that will have you hyped at any institution. Houston’s own BBY KODIE has been my favorite for a while; I love his take on southern trap. He never felt derivative, and, on this record, he feels as fresh as ever. The prosecution is gritty, and the flows are cold-blooded. KODIE dominates this record in a way very musicians can. 

The Deep by Ai Bendr

If you’re into smooth alternative R&B Ai Bendr is someone you should be paying attention to. “The Deep” is an excellent record that will help you become acquainted with this one-of-a-kind talent. On the record, you get great melodies and personal lyricism. Ai Bendr’s most significant selling point to me is the tone of her voice, beautiful. 

Pivot by Clark D

What can I say about this guy Clark D that isn’t shown in every aspect of his life? Hardworking, Dedicated, and Driven are a few words that do come to mind. The multi-instrumentalist producer, rapper, engineer Clark D has dropped a two-song pack that is to die for. My favorite of the two is “Pivot”, where we get an uplifting instrumental and some smooth bar for the lyricist. Check this thing out!  

Cinnamon Mouth by Maeko 

Maeko has been putting in work these past weeks by constantly dropping the whole time. Honestly, I find it amazing that he defines his sound even more; it’s incredible to watch. “Cinnamon Mouth” is his latest drop, where he proves himself to be a true songwriter and a master of melody. I think the record is fun and something to listen to during my next beach trip.


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