Friday Heat Check: Cubie, Steve Lacy, Jawny, and More!


Gold by Cubie

“Gold” is the Boston rapper’s latest release and is a significant way to start the year. With great floes and bounce that most can’t replicate, I find this to be one of the most refreshing artists I’ve heard in a long while. Cubie links up with LongLiveShawn on the record, and these two are a beautiful combination! I want to hear more from these two shortly! Cubie has a significant year lined up for him, so tap in!

Mercury by Steve Lacy 

Steve Lacy is an absolute beast in every essence of the word! “Mercury” is his first single from his next project Gemini Right and it’s an absolute banger of a record. I love how he incorporated some Hispanic inspire guitars, but what sold me was the vocal delivery. His tonality and pitch in the song are masterful; I love the use of backing vocals and where they sit in the mix. The music video is very Avant-guard but in the best way possible. This is a track you want to check out.

Take It Back by Jawny (ft Beck)

Jawny and Grammy Winner Beck on the same track? I felt like this would be a special song before it came out, and I’m not going to take that back. This fun record gives me some 60s-70s rock vibes. I love how thick the hook vocals are, and the roaring guitars bring excitement. Beck gives an outstanding performance of the song as well. This is a 10 out of 10 for me.

Girls Want Girls by Babe County

Miami-based Bedroom-pop artist Babe County offers us his first single, “Girls Want Girls.” This is an 80s-inspired bedroom pop banger that takes a look at the current state of being in Miami. The truth is, most girls like girls down here! I love the production on the record, and the vocals are clean. You can’t complain about how high quality the record is; definitely check this out when you get a chance!

Can’t Get Over You by Westside Boogie (Ft Smino & Teezo Touchdown)

“Can’t Get Over You” is one of the smoothest records to drop out this year. Boogie harmonizes beyond belief over the sample laced p[production. It creates this almost dream-like feeling to the song and is just euphoric to listen to. Smino hops on the record like water because he runs with the flows. Smino always knows how to catch these creative pockets that sound so good! Teezo closes the track out with a few bars. This is a banger, and I see this one popping off.

Overdrive by PapichuloTeej 

If you’re ready for upbeat music that will make you feel like you are in a coming-of-age movie, then “Overdrive” needs to be added to your playlist. PapichuloTeej has created one of the most fun songs to come out in a minute. When I listen to this, I want to put down all my windows and drive down the highway on a sunny afternoon. I love the song; it brings great energy, and I appreciate that.



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