Friday Heat Check: Daniel Price!!!!!


I vividly remember August 2018, chilling in Daniel Price’s room in Saugus, Massachusetts. He showed me the music he had been working on all year, and it was some of the best songwriting I’ve heard from somebody since Frank Ocean. Blown away, I could see that his future would be bright for him, and his growth would be unmatched. Today is the official release of his EP Peaking (Which has been years in the making). I usually write about multiple artists on my Friday Heat Check, but today is dedicated to Daniel.

Peaking shows growth in his musical abilities and that he’s a generational artist. For the past months, he’s dropped singles that have stormed the Underground. “Video Girl” gave pop appeal with slick lyricism and great melodies. “Chicken” was a spectacular follow-up and easily my favorite of the singles released before the project. Last week, he gave us “Blue Eyed Angel”, a more reflective R&B/Indie record showing his versatility. Daniel spoiled us with the quality of music and visuals.

Peaking is a project that will cement Daniel in listeners’ heads. My favorite record from the project is “In The End”; the production is crisp and gets me in my feelings. The theme’s of the project or poignant and tasteful, making for a mixture of bliss and nostalgia. Hands down, this is one of the best bodies of work I’ve heard in a long while.

On a more personal note, I’m proud of you, my guy! This is only the beginning of a crazy journey, and you deserve it all. I’ve seen the time and patients you put into this project, and I admire it and look up to you because of that. You have a lot coming your way, and I’m happy to call you a friend! Congratulations, and enjoy your day! Peaking is out on all streaming services!


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