Friday Heat Check: Ericdoa, Aumi Luxe, PinkPantheress, And More!


LifeLine by Ericdoa

If you’ve been following my article for some time now, you get the just; I am an Ericdoa fanatic. I feel he brings a fresh take on the current landscape of pop music and adds elements that make the genre feel new again. “Life Line” is a perfect example of how his songwriting has improved to the point that Eric could have a hot 100 record very soon. I love the sticky hook on the record, and uptempo production adds another layer of enjoyment for me. It honestly feels like a drunken summer night.

Hope Connection by Aumi Luxe

On “Hope Connection”, Aumi Luxe has shifted into a new creative space, defining his sound to the utmost degree. I feel this record showcases all the work Aumi has been putting in these past months because this song is a culmination of all my favorite aspects of his music. The hook on this record could be placed in movies, commercials and go viral on TikTok (I feel like all these things are coming soon for this songwriter). Check out this song, and let me know what yall think!

Where You Are? by PinkPantheress (ft WILLOW)

PinkPantheress finally drops the viral single “Where you are”. Honestly, it’s pretty underwhelming; I think that is the case because we’ve heard the best part of the song for months. At this point, I’m desensitized to the catchiness of the record. Also, the rest of the record is pretty meh, so nothing keeps me engaged. The music video, on the other hand, is dope as fuck! That being said, I think PinkPantheress has so much potential, and I can’t wait for her other releases.

Every Good Girl by Blxst

It feels like Christmas morning anytime Blxst comes out with new music! “Every Good Girl” is a smooth anthem about having a girl to hold you down. The bounce on the record is infectious, and the slick pockets Blxst catches are phenomenal. The visual component of the releases is aesthetic as fuck. I love the drone shots of Blxst in the Lambo and the film video taken of the model.

Beeswax by Easy Life

Easy Life is a band I always find myself coming back to and being excited about new singles. “Beeswax” is a significant song for the band, and I think it might be my favorite today. I love the lofi-rap they bring to the verses. I feel like it’s a great juxtaposition from the very melodic chorus. The music video is eye-catching, and I love the cut-outs they used throughout the video. It brings the surreal into the real, which I think is a superb concept to play with.

Run For Cover by $ean Wire 

Boston’s own $ean Wire has made his return with a full-length project, “Reflections”. This project is an assortment of styles but gives a distinct feel. I love it when $ean plays with the more moody records that come off reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt, Redveil, and Mike. However, my favorite track on the record is “Run For Cover”. I feel like this record has some of the best flows he catches on the project, and I love the message behind the record. I feel the hunger in his performance, and it makes me want to get up and make a bag. Check this record out and run it up!


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