Friday Heat Check: Hadji Gaviota, Brevin Kim, Pote Baby, and More!


Put The L In Style by Hadji Gaviota

Bouncing drum rhythms and charismatic lyricism is what makes “Put The L In Style” an excellent record. Hadji Gaviota always seems to find the perfect balance of having a great song that we all can relate to. The hook on this song is beautiful, a nice mixture of impassioned screaming and smooth melodies. I honestly think you should check out his latest project Pastimes+ and let me know your favorite song!

Alien Speak by Brevin Kim (ft Curtis Waters)

Brevin Kim has been on a roll with their past singles, and “Alien Speak” is no different. A multi-layered record that progressed in ways most musicians only could dream of creating. The vocals are very catchy, but I love how harsh the production gets at the hook. These looming synths and the booming bass make a calmer delivery sound like a banger. The visuals are dreamlike. It feels like a dystopian nightmare with the blur and smooth lines used. It’s honestly a record that I want to see blow the fuck up.

Set It Up by Pote Baby 

BANGER! THIS IS A BANGER! Pote Baby has an undeniable banger on his hands. “Set It Up” is hype in all the ways you want for a record like this. The hook oozes energy and personality; I feel like this is easily one of his best performances to date. I also love how sprinkles in very profound lyrics in the record. For example, “You become a leader when you’re doing the most. You become a legend when you do what you’re supposed.”. I love the message and the energy on this one.

BBYCakes by Mura Masa (Ft Pinkpantheress, Lil Uzi Vert, Shygirl) 

This is my favorite song right now, and I can’t stop playing it. “bbycakes” is a beautiful call back to the original “babycakes”, and I love how they revamped the production. Lil Uzi gives us one of his best features in a minute on this song. Uzi showed how dynamic he is and can honestly do anything he sets his mind to with a smooth melodic cadence. Pinkpantheress didn’t disappoint as well on this record. I love it; definitely tap in!

Fronto by Premo.Dee

“Fronto” is a trap-inspired lyrical exhibition put on by Premo.Dee. In this song, Premo shows us why he’s one of the most potent lyricists coming out of Massachusetts. I don’t see many people who can rap at this level with witty wordplay and captivating flows. I think this is my favorite recording coming from him; I’m excited to see what’s next.

Taken Back by Allen Haley

“Taken Back” finally has the visual comment the song needed, and I’m happy to see how much fun it is. Allen Haley exploded onto the scene with this record, and I was waiting to see what was done for the visuals, and I’m not disappointed. We see him working odd jobs throughout the music video, but he seems like he’s having the time of his life. It’s just a great time and an enjoyable watch. Check it out below!



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