Friday Heat Check: Hadji Gaviota, Lil Uzi Vert, Stefan Thev, and More!


Shyhomie! By Hadji Gaviota

This is a fun-loving record from the internet’s favorite Hadji Gaviota. “Shyhomie!” is an ode to the open friend who gets anxious in social situations, particularly around the opposite sex. I love the highly energetic hook and the charisma Hadji brings to the track. The songwriting is unique to him, and that is very important in this modern music landscape. I love this song!

Demon High by Lil Uzi Vert

The demon himself, Lil Uzi Vert, dropped a spooky single for Halloween. “Demon high” is a trap adaptation of an early 2000s pop-rock radio record. This will be a polarizing record because I can see the reception either being very negative or positive. I sit somewhere in the middle; there are parts that I like but others I hate. Let us know what you think.

Voodoo Queen by Stefan Thev

Playing with some nightmarish elements on “Voodoo Queen”, we get Stefan Thev’s best performance to date. In the song, he discusses how his ting doesn’t want anything to do with him, using the metaphor of talking to ghosts. I love his vocal delivery on the record; it’s passionate and raw. What sells the song is the guitar solo in the latter half of the record. This one goes crazy!

Long Way Home by Tino Szn

Tino Szn just dropped his 4 Seasons EP, and it’s overloaded with bangers. My favorite cut is “Long Way Home”, which plays with this new-wave production and melodic flows. Tino is genuinely in his bag on this one. The record is braggadocious and will put you in a space where you are the coolest person ever to exist. I suggest you give it a listen. 

Inertia by Will Keeper

If you’ve been looking for some chill indie music, then look no further than “Inertia” by Will Keeper. This is easily what you need in life with the hushed vocals and the bouncy production (produced by Will); it’s a vibe. This is the first record I’ve heard from this artist, and It has made a considerable impact. 

Mess You Made by Michelle 

“Mess You Made” is a masterpiece. If you think that’s a bold statement, then you haven’t heard the song yet. Michelle does their thing on this song, and it’s stunning, from the vocals to the instrumentation. It’s catchy, smooth, and highly soulful! This is an exemplary record. 


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