Friday Heat Check: Jawny, Stefan Thev, Blueface & More


On The Edge With U by Stefan Thev

I’ve been a fan of Stefan Thev for a while now, and he has returned with a taste of what is to come on “On The Edge With U”. This is a smooth take on the bedroom r&b that has been taking over many gen-z playlists. I find the harmonies to be sweet and intoxicating; the replay value for this song is immaculate. 

Take it Back by Jawny

This has to be one of Jawny’s heavier rock-influenced records, and I’m here for it. “Take it Back” gives us some distorted guitar riffs juxtaposed to the light verses, making for an exciting listening experience. The guitar solo near the end of the record is absolutely out of this world, and I’m excited to see if a project follows this string of singles. 

Patience by Blueface ft Calboy

Blueface is back with a collaboration with Chicago’s Calboy on “Patience”. The record starts with an energetic hook given by Calboy; this thing is an earworm. Blueface brings a more melodic flow with slightly auto-tuned vocals. His lyrics are outrageous per usual; check it out! 

Gasoline by Isaac Zale ft Smokepurpp

Isaac Zale has been dropping singles with significant features for the past months, and “Gasoline” continues this trend with a Smokepurpp verse. Isaac gives a sleek well developed melodic flow for the hook and his verse, which I find impressive, to say the least. Smokepurpp offers a solid feature and brings a nice change of pace. Check it out below! 

Aye by Mereba

“Aye” is my favorite track off of Mereba’s new EP, AZEB. This is a sensual neo-soul record where she describes how people got her “fucked up”. Describing how she fights through the negative actions others may direct towards her. I feel the uplifting mixed with the beautiful songwriting make this a stand-out record. 

One Foot In Front Of The Other by Griff

This is a pop record that you need to get acquainted with before it blows up! “One Foot In Front Of The Other” by Griff is a good-natured, fun record. With bubblegum harmonies and such an upbeat delivery, it makes it irresistible. I’m fascinated with this record, and I will be playing this on repeat. 


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