Friday Heat Check: Jean Dawson, Dreamer Isioma, Heath240, and More!


Bad Fruit* by Jean Dawson (ft Earl Sweatshirt)

Jean Dawson has just dropped his follow-up project, Chaos Now*. I’ve only had one listen-through of the project, and it’s an absolute masterpiece. My favorite record from the project is “Bad Fruit”. This melancholy record with grandiose production makes it feel larger than life. On the tail end of the record, we get a melodic guest feature from Earl Sweatshirt; it’s not what I expected from an Earl feature, but I loved it! Super creative record!

Dumb In Love With You by Dreamer Isioma

“Dumb In Love With You” is an indie r&b record with excellent instrumentation and stellar vocal performance. Dreamer Isioma has outdone themselves on this record, and their skill ages like fine wine. I can see this record in any indie kids in my bedroom playlist—a loveable record by a lovable artist.

tripping by Heath240

I finally finished the Bunny Killer Saga! The trilogy spanning Ayudame, Hialeah, and Trippin is complete and ready for your enjoyment. “Trippin” features a fuzzy, riffed-out melody and a catchy, summery chorus. The record makes the most of juxtaposition, with upbeat tempos woven over lyrics of doubt, personal loss, and confusion. ‘trippin’ is a song about spiraling all day long and doing acid with expectations that things will get better. Honestly, things get even worse than they were before… – Heath.

IDC by Jordan Ward

“IDC” has been teased on Tiktok by Jordan Ward for weeks, and I’ve been dying for the record. It’s finally out, precisely what I expected; a certified slap! I wasn’t expecting a Joony feature at all, which was dope. The hook is infectious on this record, the production is minimalist, and this song has potentially been a massive record for Jordan.

Shameless by Avenoir

Avenoir has been bubbling, and “Shameless” is a record that shows why. This is an alternative R&B record that has the elements to complete any late-night drive. The production is pristine, and the vocalizations or impeccable. However, his style is very derivative of Brent Faiyaz, and I would love to see him develop a unique sound.

Matador by Sam Austin

I remember hearing Sam Austin on the Pigeons and Planes on Youtube with the single “Fiji.” This is my first time hearing about this artist in years; the growth is beautiful. “Matador” is fun, catchy, and a master class in songwriting. The production is so textured, and you can tell that time was put into it. Take a listen to this fantastic record.





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