Friday Heat Check: Noah Guy, Millyz, Monet Ngo, and More!


Five Mo Minutes by Noah Guy

Noah Guy is becoming one of my favorite artists in the past months. With records like “2 dogs 1 Leash” I see pure star potential. “Five Mo Minutes” is another record that’s a particular joint. His vocal performance is insane, and his range is unmatched. I love the way the production is reminiscent of 90s neo-soul but has so many new elements that keep it current. The breakdown at the end of the record is incredible as well. The visuals are simple but pristine. Noah is a star, and in a few months, the masses will know!

Rich Paul by Millyz (ft. Peezy)

“Rich Paul” is an inspirational record, especially for a kid from Massachusetts like myself. Millyz has become a hip-hop staple, and I know when he drops, we will get some of the best bars in the game. Millyz and Peezy float on the record with unmatched synergy, witty wordplay, and clean flows. It’s an accurate, smooth record that I see will have a lot of appeal!

Summer Wind by Monet Ngo 

Monet Ngo dropped a great EP called the After School ClubIt has some of his best records to date, and “Summer Wind” is the one I gravitated towards immediately. I love the looming guitar riff and the vocal effects in Monet’s vocals. It has somewhat of a melancholy undertone to the record but is beautifully written in every way possible. I suggest you give this record a spin because you will not be disappointed.

Cambridge by Josh Maison

If you are looking for the next Alt-Hip Hop star Josh Maison is the guy. “Cambridge” is the perfect example of where hip-hop could be going. With futuristic production and some slick bars, it only seems logical that he gets his praise. The video is also awe-inspiring, and I’m excited to see what’s next from this artist.

Berserk by Kei

If you miss the early 2000s, then “Berserk” is an excellent recall to that era. Kei goes off on some Neptunes-inspired production and shows her lyrical abilities. She weaves effortlessly in and out of her pockets, making for an actual exhibition of talent. Kei is a gem, and y’all need to get hip before she’s one of the biggest rappers in the game.

End of an Era by The Kount & Kaelin Ellis

Many of you are delighted by the new Kenny Beat’s beat tape, but The Kount and Kaelin Ellis dropped a project ten times better. “End of an Era” is a standout track from the record, and I love its funky groove. It has a great bounce but still comes across as understated and smooth. The intricacies of the production are unmatched; it’s nothing further than masterful. I think you guys will appreciate this beat.


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