Friday Heat Check: Oliver Tree, Overpade, Hailey Knox, and More!


Life Goes On by Oliver Tree (ft. Trippie Redd and Ski Mask The Slump god)

Oliver Tree has been a musician that’s always been keen to make a statement. Utilizing social media as more performance art, I’ve always been intrigued with him. “Life Goes On” is the Antithesis of a pop hip-hop hybrid, and it’s a fucking hit! The hook is catchy as hell, Trippie Redd adds a sweet bridge, and Ski gives a gnarly verse. This is easily a slapper.

Hate by Overpade

If you want a mix of liquid drum & bass and rap, then look no further “hate” is that song. Overpade has character and charisma throughout the record and undeniable star. I love the full metal alchemist sample used in the first portion of the record—such a dope track from an up & coming musician.

Peon by Ayotemi

Smooth, classy, and eclectic is the only way to describe Ayotemi on his record “peon”. He gives sweet melodic runs but adds the hip-hop edge to it. If you enjoy the likes of Smino, you will be captivated by Ayotemi. This is my first listen to him as an artist, and I’m a fan. I’ll be taking a deep dive into his past works for the rest of the day.

Gucci Prada Balenciaga by Hailey Knox

If you want that pop fix, “Gucci Prada Balenciaga” is a great tune. Hailey Knox gives a smooth performance with hushed vocals that are earworms. It feels like a giant hook because of how catchy this song is. The relatability of the lyrics is another high point for me! Check this song out below!

Call It Like It Is by Big Time Rush

The world’s most influential boy band is back in action! BIG TIME RUSH is back on the scene. Leaving their boyish charm for the Nickelodeon days, the reinvented group is ready to continue the legacy. “Call It Like It Is” is a boy band banger with lovely group vocals. It sounds fresh in the current climate, and I think this could be the one to bring them back to the mainstream. I think we needed this new BTR.

Closer to something by Kkami and Drex Carter

Drex Carter and Kkami dropped a joint project, Thraxx 2, and it’s gorgeously lofi. My favorite record is “closer to something” I love the upbeat beat but the melancholic delivery of the two. It’s a beautifully sequenced record and the best way to end this short project. Both of them are talented artists that deserve more recognition!


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