Friday Heat Check: Smiley, Lil Tecca, ROLE MODEL & More 


Over The Top by Smiley (Ft Drake) 

Toronto’s own Smiley gets the collab of the lifetime on his new single “Over The Top”. Smiley has been an artist slowly growing out in the 6. We’ve seen Drake show love plenty of times over social media and put a bright light on the up-and-coming artists. Finally, we get the collaboration between the two, and it’s well worth it. Production handled by Tay Keith sets the backdrop for a gritty record that will have you going crazy. I feel like Smiley’s style is so unique and infectious it will catch on, especially after this record. 

Money on Me by Tecca

The long-awaited We Love You Tecca 2 is officially announced to drop, and “Money on Me” is the second single of the rollout. This is a more laid-back record with a catchy hook; that is an earworm on the first listen. On the record, Tecca goes into detail about the things making money has allowed him to do and how people treat him for the better and the worst cause he has it. The song is crazy enjoyable! 

Liquor by Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf goes XXX on this new single, and I love it. The funky newcomer has been making some of my favorite music over the past few years. I love the blend of current-pop, R&B Disco, and Funk; It’s such a refreshing sound. The record’s lyrics discuss how Remi is immensely attracted to this person but still feels like they are trying to run away from her. The songwriting is imaginative and has a lot of imagery that will have your mind all over the place. This is a must-listen; you won’t be disappointed! 

Forever&More by ROLE MODEL

ROLE MODEL is BACK!!!!! “Forever&More” is a tale about an Ex and the whole life cycle of a relationship. He discusses how her new guy looks like him and the entire story on how they got to this point of contention. The hook is so well written, and it’s incredible! “I bet the boys back home are mad that I found an angel wearing plaid; you’ll meet her soon” lines like this make my songwriting hairs stand up. This is a beautiful record, and I can’t wait for music from ROLE MODEL. 

Ocean Prime by BFB The Packman (ft Coi Leray) 

BFB The Packman is more charismatic than ever on his new record “Ocean Prime”! Utilizing ODB’s Shimmy flow, BFB gives a funny hook about how a girl wants high-end dining, and he’s going to get her Chic-a-fila. This is one of his most elastic flows and shows a new dimension to his artistry. On the song, we also get a feature from one of the most viral names in music, Coi Leray. She adds a different element to the piece allowing for a nice change of pace. 


This is easily the most innovative record on this list! TANISAKO has utterly shocked me with the superb songwriting and production choices on “Fire”. The looming production is ominous yet somewhat upbeat with the repetitive keys. But what gets me is the overwhelming bass that comes in during the chorus. Not to mention the melodies that he chooses are smooth and complex in the best way possible. TANISAKO is a star in the making; you need to check this out immediately! 


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