Friday Heat Check: The Best Of 2021


Let’s take a look at my favorite songs that I covered this year with the Friday Heat Check.

Juggernaut by Tyler The Creator (ft Lil Uzi and. Pharrell) 

This has. been a song that has been on consistent rotation since its release. I love the banging instrumentation and the over-animated verse Tyler gives in the first leg of the record. It’s followed by a clean verse from Lil Uzi, where he just floats all over the beat and is closed out by the GOAT himself, Pharrell. The video is magnificent uniquely Tyler and so creative in every aspect of the word.

The Dress by Dijon

My girlfriend hates me whenever I put on this song because I’ve overplayed it so much. “The Dress” by Dijon has to be one of the smoothest and catchiest songs of 2021. On the record, it’s up to debate if he’s talking to his Ex or discussing the dying fire of a relationship. Either way, the songwriting is amazing and relatable.

Liquor Stor by Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf was on a roll this past year dropping single after single; that lead to a fantastic project Juno. “Liquor Store” has been a song that I’ve gravitated to throughout the year. I love the zany performance she gives and the energetic production of the song. The symbolism is over the top and cartoonish at times but that adds to the charm of the record.

I’m Just a Fan by Teezo Touchdown

How can you talk about 2021 and not mention Teezo Touchdown? This was a breakout year for this Texan and has set him up for an even larger 2022. This year he managed to be on Call Me If You Get Lost, dropping a bunch of singles, working with high fashion brands, and killing shows. Teezo is one busy guy. While doing all of that he managed to release “I’m just a fan”, which is a dynamic song for him and only shows growth. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for next year.

Amoeba by Clairo 

Sling has some of the best instrumentation of 2021. “Amoeba” has been my favorite song from the album. I love the cute production and intimate lyrics Clairo brings to the table. I found her songwriting has matured in a beautiful way this year and I expect a lot more for her.


3000 Miles by Yeek

BOP BOP BOP! I can’t get the production elements of this song out of my head. This was a great lead single for Yeek’s project. I find myself feeling as if it’s my first time listening to it each time it comes on. I love the transition he made to more of an R&B sound during 2021. This is a great evolution of Yeek’s and I’m stoked to see what other ventures he does next year.

Honorable Mentions

Buzzcut by Brockhampton

Rocky By Still Woozy

Bullseye by Paris Texas

Purple by Unusual Demont

Hardcore Happy by The Blossom



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