Get Hip To Amber Ryann’s New Song “Emotions Die Young”


This is Amber‘s first time on our pages but by the way, this one hits, it surely will not be the last. Hailing from Pasadena, CA, Ryann is a songstress who does a wondrous job expressing her emotions to the world. And this one is heavy dealing with the trauma of a breakup and all that comes with it.

Hoping these feelings subside after losing someone important to you is world-shattering. Amber finds the silver lining at the end of the tunnel by realizing her vision is more apparent now that she’s weathered the storm. Overall Ryann‘s tone and vocal prowess take us along a heavy rollercoaster but remind the listener this too shall pass. Amber Ryann has a pen and a voice that make a lethal pair, don’t sleep.


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