Get Hip to Eastside Buffalo’s Own, BigBankBee


    Eastside Buffalo’s own BigBankBee embodies what it is to be an old soul with a new age entrepreneurial mindset. Bee brings the best of both worlds by being a creative up and coming lyricist who can also identify with what it’s like growing up as young urban Buffalonian. To make it in todays Hip Hop game you need to have an image. Thats a universal truth. Bee’s GoodNeighborsClub brand can be exactly that, an image. You can find him and his Mafia repping almost exclusively GNC clothing and apparel. Their patented Smiley Face logo can be seen as symbol for what it means to be from the “City of Good Neighbors”.

    BigBankBee released a heartfelt track that hits close to home, encompassing his beloved memories of his recently deceased brother Lord Rich aka Gu Razer. Bee says “We wasn’t even cool before he passed because of some little bullshit, but when he died it truly hurt me and made me realize if I’m dealing with my brothers I gotta put my pride to the side and take time to make things right.” Bee turned to a life of crime shortly after like robbing and trying to harm people to compensate for the personal hurt he was feeling. Gu Razer was the most recent addition to their music group called Wave City and was repping GoodNeighborsClub with a passion. Bee goes on to say, “the influence Razer had over the Eastside didn’t just inspire me and the mob, but the whole town (Buffalo).” This song is Bee’s way of paying homage to the spirituality and character that his late friend Razer carried himself with. Let Gu Razer live on through the words of BigBankBee’s newest single entitled “Lord Rich”. Streaming available on all platforms.


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