Get To Know Zouli And His Crazy Debut, “Resurrection”


It’s an incredibly rare that an artist will emerge onto the scene with their voice completely confident and fully formed. Most have to endure extensive trial and error, and even then it’s not guaranteed that the final project will be a success. Zouli, a Montreal-based artist, has released a shockingly good debut titled “Resurrection,” and he proves that he’s one of the few new artists who can come out of the gate swinging and not miss.

The Canadian rapper and singer’s first project dropped this past Friday, and it’s a tightly wound, perfectly crafted gem of a project that you’ll be spinning long into 2021. “Resurrected,” the opening track, is an absolute masterclass in production, and tracks like “All i Want” and “Have That” reveal his startlingly good ear for melodies and inventive flows. Zouli is literally brand new, but he’s for sure going to be one to watch this year. Don’t miss out on this, stream “Resurrection” down below. Tap in!


  1. […] The 19-year-old recently delivered his seven-track debut album Resurrection including his stand out track “All I Want.” The project exudes driven by spicy production and flashy bars and proves Zouli has an affinity for crafting dope concepts — which is why the project is already quickly gaining traction and has already received co-signs from UnoTheActivist and TheDailyChiefers. […]


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