Ghostemane Returns With His Demonic New Visuals Entitled “AI”


As the darkness gathers above our heads you hear a demonically low, baritone voice crawl up your spine. You’ve taken a plunge into the underworld to discover what lies underneath. This is what being in a pitch black room feels like when hearing Ghostemane‘s music. The bass pulsates, while the near-perfect distortion paint the walls with ominous waves.

The animations were handled by Studio Linguini, with direction from Nick Cinelli, making this feel like the Nightmare Before Christmas had an awful trip. With the sheer insanity of the visuals, Ghostemane‘s cadence is both memorable and scary to be honest. To be able to possess that sort of precision should make the world wake up a bit. This is some dark shit, but it’s fire none the less, so Anti-Icon should be a wild ride to say the very least. Until that drops on the 21st of October, stream this gas below.


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