Glaive Makes A Statement With Cole Bennett Directed Video for “1984”


Over the past year Glaive has been making a name for himself but the past month alone has been major for him. Going crazy performing at festivals, just this week hitting 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and now a Lyrical Lemonade video, this kid is on the up and up. While it’s difficult to exactly pinpoint what Glaive’s style is, it’s not difficult to understand how talented he is. This alternative sound that he possesses speaks throughout not only his lyrics but also his personality. Putting his all into “1984” makes for a beautiful song. 

While the song is amazing we can’t overlook how major this video is. Cole Bennett is known for his rap music videos so seeing him take on something with Glaive is a nice switch up and it really shows that he can do anything. Having this consistent theme throughout the whole video it really translates so well. Glaive is a young superstar in the making, check him out now if you haven’t yet. 



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