Goldenboy Countupboy is Relentless on His New Project “IDN2”


Goldenboy Countupboy‘s new project IDN2 is one of those rare bodies of work that tie in vintage styles with what sound is new and hot in today’s rap climate. Sonically, the project balances his Florida drawl with breakneck Detroit beats. However, the vibe of it makes it feel like he caught JAYZ in an elevator and rapped his heart out for him on the spot.

Goldenboy‘s raw and intense flows are backed by witty and sometimes humourous lyrics that can catch the attention of even the most casual rap fan. On the intro track “Hush Puppies”, the Florida rapper raps non-stop punching in lines about having too many bitches to count and being a hall of fame level trap star.

Much of the album revolves around these themes with similar beats, but he makes sure to change his flow up on “Do Ya Own Thing”. The track sees him reminiscing about lost loyalty and him coming up despite people backstabbing him.

All in all, IDN2 is a sound fairly alien to Florida and serves as an interesting direction for rap coming out of the Sunshine State. Check out IDN2 below!


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