Goldenboy Countup’s New EP “Love Golden 2” Stamps Him as a Motion Music Godfather


Since discovering his single “2am in L.A.”, Goldenboy Countup has been one of my favorite Southern artists in the game. His knack for witty punchlines, breakneck flows, and hopping on a distinct wave of Florida-style Detroit beats set him apart from similar artists within his lane. His new EP Love Golden 2 shows off all of these traits and a sound that feels more cohesive and crafted than past projects.

Goldenboy‘s speedy rap style is a trait that has been both a defining feature of his music and at times, a downfall. His projects sometimes feel like he’s trying to record as many songs as possible before the lights go out in the studio. However, on his new project, Golden seems more attentive to detail.

On “Forever” ft. Loe Shimmy, the Deland, FL native bobs and weaves through the instrumental without losing out on its bounce. Shimmy‘s performance on the back half of the song is mesmerizing as he digs further into his melodic bag.

Another favorite of mine is “Foot Fetish”. “New cars, big boy jewelry, and bad bitches/n**** I ain’t got no bitch my maid do the dishes” is a raw ass hook and the beat is equally as nasty. Love Golden 2 is Goldenboy‘s first album of the year. Knowing his work ethic, we’ll likely get several more by the end of the year. My prediction: Golden is gonna have a breakout year. Check out the project below.


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