Gone Too Soon: Remembering The Life Of Mac Miller


    Where do I even start? The artist who kicked incredibly dope shit and made us laugh almost every time he had a chance, the artist who had released a lifetime of good music for fans to cherish over the years, is gone. This is Mac Miller, and in what seems to be an unfortunate theme in 2018, he’s another legend gone too soon.

    I can remember the first time listening to Mac in middle school, I had heard “Nikes On My Feet” and it was a wrap after that. Mac Miller went on to be the biggest thing out, and by that time I wasn’t the only one who knew of the once in a generation talent from Pittsburgh. Soon, he would change the game, transitioning from standard rap mixtapes to full-fledge conceptual albums, incorporating innovative sounds and lyrics.

    After discovering Mac in his early days, I went back to get familiar with some of his older stuff and of course, I came across the Easy Mac era, before the legend of Mac Miller was born. Albeit still a legend back then, Mac was not close to his full development as an artist, yet still managed to include some legitimate gems on his debut tape, But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy. Mac’s true emergence onto the hip-hop scene came once he dropped K.I.D.S, his first release as Mac Miller, and things really took off for him after that. Soon enough, Mac was globally known and selling out shows thanks to hits like “Nikes On My Feet,” “Knock Knock,” and many more.

    Over the years following the release of K.I.D.S, Mac grew as an artist, dropping some amazing compilations such as Best Day Ever, Blue Slide Park, Faces, and Macadelic before eventually beginning to transform his sound into a funky combination of his newfound emotions, relationships, and experimenting with drugs with albums like Watching Movies with the Sound Off, GO:OD AM, and Swimming. Mac pushed his musical boundaries by creating music new to him and his fans. He didn’t fail in experimenting with his music, as he only mastered his craft more with every release and continued to work tirelessly for his adoring fanbase. Mac always kept it real, fresh, and fun in every aspect of his life. He was a beautiful human that created beautiful music and showed the utmost love to his family, friends, and fans.

    I’ve had the privilege to see Mac live and the energy he brought to that stage was unmatched. Mac Miller was full of life and supported many artists that you listen to today when they were just getting started, which is an aspect of his life and career that many people still bypass. We know Mac for just being himself. A TRUE ARTIST. May Mac Miller rest in power for eternity and we’ll stay kickin’ incredibly dope shit till our time comes.


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