Good Jawns: Meet Some of Alt-Rap’s Brightest Up-and-Comers


For those of you who read the title of this article and said to yourself “what the fuck is a “jawn”? Well, here’s an explanation and how it relates to music. Jawn is a word that was popularized in Philadelphia that takes the place of almost any noun.

For example: if you went to a crazy party last night you could say, “bro the jawn (a crazy party) I went to last night was wild.” So, what does this have to do with music and this article? The word “jawn” has such a wide spectrum of uses and what’s referred to as ‘alt-rap’ operates on an even wider musical range. To me, it seemed fitting to use it as I introduce you to some of the dopest up-and-coming alt-rap acts out right now.


Nashville’s $avvy seamlessly blends r&b and hip-hop together for some of the tastiest music coming out of the South. His most recent project “Boys Wear Pearls” blends the off-kilter flows of Saba, the unabashed soulfulness of Smino, and his own fresh, savory melodies. $avvy’s creativity also manifests itself in his visuals.


Originally from Sudan, Hoosh‘s sound is rich and vibrant yet simple in a similar vein as Frank Ocean, and Aminé’s more melodic cuts. I know, bold comparison but just listen to his project, everything’s going to be alright. Containing just six tracks and two interludes, Hoosh‘s ethereal melodies, dense production, and emotive lyrics are nothing short of intoxicating. The visualizer for my personal favorite track “Jorja” is below, you’ll love it.

Worry Club

Leaning much more heavily on indie with slight rap undertones, Worry Club is a duo that’ll be invading your timeline very soon. Their new track “Bleach” is teeming with both teen angst and the struggles involved in finding one’s identity, a theme we can all relate to. Worry Club‘s laid back warbles and shimmering production make for a late night summer banger that we all need.

Cam Will

Since transitioning from a Division I soccer player at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to becoming an artist, Milwaukee’s Cam Will has been plugging away at perfecting his sound and image. The result of his meticulous work ethic is his new project “Separation Summer“. The 7-track project displays Cam‘s sharp pen game, ear for melodies and ability to blend catchy songs with introspective lyrics.


Easily one of the most zany and creative artists in the alt-rap spectrum is Baton Rouge’s LANGO. The video for his track “Jon Wikk” is high octane and absolutely off the walls in the best way possible. Lines like “rest in peace the pussy I think it was gone like way too soon” match perfectly with the eyepatch wearing, donut drifting, gun toting persona LANGO puts on display in the visual.


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