Groupthink and Carlie Hanson Shine on “Miss Carolina”


An artist I just keep coming back to is one I’ve once covered once here before with that being Groupthink. The replay value that he brings to the table is like no other, having quality control in every aspect of his tracks regarding his mixing and his distinctive ability to have a listener wanting more. 

A song by him I really want to focus on right now is Miss Carolina, featuring Carlie Hanson. The dynamic that these two share on this track is unmatched, creating both a sentimental and memorable track to say the least. The hardships of self-love, loss, and rebuilding one’s self is exhibited well on this track, making this hit the soul differently for those who can relate. The fine-tuned guitar interlocked with both Groupthink’s and Carlie’s vocals create a reflective track.

Being in the loop with Groupthink has been one of the better decisions I’ve made because I truly feel like I’m watching history happen. His potential is unmatched and I just know he’s getting started. I definitely recommend this track to anyone looking for a new vibe. 


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