GUY Is Back With Another Heater Called “Area Codes”


GUY is one of the rising faces of Jersey, but instead of basking in the moment of the Club wave, he stays stoic with his talents. “Area Codes” is a masterful moment showcasing how far GUY has come. Through the trials and tribulations, each challenge was a chapter of a more remarkable story. And in the midst of battle, this man relaxes in a pocket created by his mood.

You can feel the confidence through the screen as the soothing tone illuminates the auditory sky. A melding of Rap cadence with the baritone R&B delivery sets GUY apart from the rest of the pack. Instead of leaning on the crutch called pitch correction, this Jersey-bred crooner can actually carry a tune and impress the ear. While GUY‘s friends surround him, you can tell there is belief and faith in him breaking through. But this is just one of GUY‘s stellar releases, until the next peep the gas below.


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