Hako Doesn’t Disappoint On New Single “Listen!”


With the underground scene being so dead recently, it is hard to find an artist that feels innovative and exciting. Amidst all the lifeless tracks comes Hako, a breathe of fresh air and an artist who is beginning to culminate a new wave on Soundcloud. At only 16 years old, the young Hako has one of the hottest records out right now, with his newest single “Listen!” gaining major traction on both Soundcloud and Tiktok.

“Listen!” is an up-beat banger that has a life of its own. Hako delivers an insanely catchy hook that entrances the listener, and when paired with the beautiful production by 19.49, this song is the perfect summer anthem. It’s amazing to see what Hako is doing at only 16 years old, and we’re excited to see where his artistry takes him next, but in the meantime we’ll keep bumping “Listen!”. Tune in down below.


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