Heath240 and Daniel Price Are On Fire With “Chirp”


Shouts out to Boston, man. The city has just been on fire lately. Heath240, the city’s latest export, has proven to be one to watch as of late, and “Chirp,” his latest single with Daniel Price, is pure fire.

Stoic Beats lulls us in with some super laid-back production that’ll have you just vibing out. Price plays with his voice, shifting its pitch, and the effect is hypnotic. Daniel Price comes in with a hell of a feature; he’s been making waves lately with his debut single “Day Job.”

We love the accompanying video (directed by Matt Moloney) as well; it looks like a collage and comes with a beautiful montage of both wintry Boston and sun-drenched LA.

Don’t miss out on this shit. Watch “Chirp” down below on YouTube.


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