Here’s Even More Dope Shit We Found In Our Twitter Submissions


Over the weekend, the Chiefers crew linked up to bring back one of our favorite Daily Chiefers segments, searching for fire music on Twitter. All of the staff perused the submissions and the general consensus was that all of ya’ll went crazy!

With over 250 submissions, we’ve narrowed it down to our personal favorites. Thanks to everyone who sent in a submission, and definitely stay locked into our Twitter because this won’t be the last time that we do this. For now, check out these dope tracks down below

Trestil – “FUN”

babydraco – “Cyclone”

Casper – “Voss/Love & War”

Jerichos Revenge – “Plug!”

chadster – “Reasons”


Michael Milam – “9AM in PHOENIX”

Duhon – “IMA GET MINE”

Kayo – “Memories”

Young Wabo – “11:59”


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