Here’s Some Dope Shit I Found On SoundCloud


It’s funny I never thought I’d bring this segment back, but with the recent resurgence of SoundCloud moments, I decided to bring it back. Fuck it. We’re also doing ones on the streaming services as well, but for this one we’re going to keep with the SoundCloud records only.

With Spotify and Apple Music taking over the world, people have forgotten the power that SoundCloud truly has – the fluidity of young, talented musicians. Despite the overwhelming population disagreeing, I think SoundCloud and platforms like AudioMack and YouTube are the best place to find undiscovered artists.

With that being said, I decided to dive into my favorite SoundCloud cuts from the past month or so and compile a list to further disprove the bullshit notion that “SoundCloud is dead”. Nah, fuck that shit.


Hailing from Florida, Bino gives me that pure SoundCloud feel that I truly miss. He’s got a slew of hits on his discography, and continues to put out bangers like “Danny Phantom” weekly. Tap in.


XVXPARIS is someone I found a few months ago and one thing that stuck out to me — every song he makes is completely different from the last. My personal favorite is “Harden” but “Attack Titan” is sonically INSANE. Paris is too fire, please don’t sleep.

Tae Slee

Yet again, our IG lives provided us with another fire artist. After going through submissions live the other night, I stumbled upon rising artist Tae Slee. “Hope!” is extremely catchy, light and fun, and definitely something you’ll be bumping in the Spring. Tap in!


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