Here’s Some More Cool Shit We Found On SoundCloud


The platform is never going to truly die and anytime they need some bread to keep on the lights, a bigger conglomerate will throw their frivolous dollars at the problem. But the accessibility and spur-of-the-moment uploads are what differentiates SoundCloud from the other DSPs. Spotify is like the Steinbrenner Yankees, but they don’t pay the kids enough, Apple and Tidal sorta pay a bit more, but then again they’re money-grabbing fiends as well. Capitalism reigns supreme yet again, while those who heal our souls are tossed to the side, with little worry or concern for their mental health.

So is SC the glue holding the musical ecosystem together, who knows? What it did do was unorganize the game a bit and take us back to the wild west of song drops. Friday’s are overcrowded by literally everyone and sometimes I want BoofPaxkMooky to drop a song at 3 AM Tuesday Morning. Below you’ll see 8 different fire things we found just stumbling through the stream. Xanmanshawty, Mykel, Mooky, ShowJoe, B Lovee, Cash Cobain, Blake Banks, ILYkarma, and Willow.x. A diverse auditory offering for your pallets, but it should show you how important this platform is for the working artist. It restores the feeling of yesteryear and reminds us how things were for a moment, go in peace today.


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