Here’s Some More Dope Shit We Found On Soundcloud Vol. 5


A few years back when SoundCloud was on the brink of its collapse, if you would have told me it would still exist in 2022, I’d be a bit hesitant. The no-frills way of release and direct route to the people is what we love. Cut out the middleman with no point of reference for how art is created and let the world cook.

Below we have cuts from Kear, 509 BMG, Matt OX, Ugly Tomorrow, SalemGasMask, Joony, Lucki, 100bandxan, CP, Blake Banks, Tommyice, and annamarie. Each cut possesses a unique set of traits that may set them apart from the rest of the streams. Whether you’re here for the lack of industry influence or want to find the next artist to fall in love with, Chiefers will always provide your dose. I love you, I hope you can find some peace and clarity in these times. Be well and stay great.

Kear – Noted

509 BMG – Sex Appeal (No Beef)

Matt OX – Destiny

Ugly Tomorrow Featuring BBY Goyard – Timeless

Them Beats Featuring Joony – The One

SalemGasMask – Steve Buscemi Tote Bag

Lucki – Tune & Trina (Prod. by 100bandxan)

CP – 3Peat EP

Blake Banks – Lose Control

TommyIce Featuring annamarie – Rain


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