Hojean Just Released The Visuals For His Soon To Be Smash Called “Pick Up Your Phone”


Hojean is not the typical artist that comes out of Atlanta. His sound is off-kilter, but refined and smooth at the same time. With the release of his visuals for “Pick Up Your Phone” we see Hojean and the squad try to convince a potential suitor to drop them digits. This set of frames were directed and produced by Hojean himself, showcasing that he isn’t just all about audio.

What impresses me the most about this kid is his falsetto and overall range. It’s not like he has an incredibly powerful voice, he just knows how to use it properly. The subtle percussion accompanied by guitar chords meld incredibly well together. At the end of the video she finally caves and the bros go to grab some grub. Sounds like a pretty great way to end a video to me, so go eat and enjoy these waves.


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