How to Make Money from Legalized Weed at Marijuana Expo



Selling marijuana is most deff not a new market but as legalization becomes the new normal and taxes become created from state to state, by-the-book-earning potential is creating jobs people can actually tell their families about. The Hilton Chicago hosted the first of the twice-yearly Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, which is coming to Las Vegas in fall if you and money and want to go.

Alan Robinson waits for attendees’ questions at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Chicago on 20 May 2015.

2001 (1)

Pill capsules come in a variety of types and flavors at the Capsule Consulting Group.

2002 (1)

Cannabis Quencher, flavored drinks which claim to hydrate and medicate.

2003 (1)

Saleswomen talk to customers about Kiva Confections describing their chocolate as an innovative way to consume cannabis.

2004 (1)

UltraCBD, a hemp oil product promoted as a dietary supplement.

2005 (1)

Defined beauty products aimed at the discerning female hemp consumer.


Salesmen discuss the benefits of LED lights on plant growth. Real marijuana plants weren’t allowed at the conference, so potted petunias were substituted.


Not So Virgin Olive Oil is another cannabis enhanced edible.


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