Hush Forte Airs Out his Grievances in his New Music Video for “Frustration”


Hush Forte has just released one of my favorite records of the year with “Frustration”. With the slick production that is a mixture of alternative r&b and ambient electronic, I’m hooked. We get some sweeping vocal lines from Hush creating a very moody atmosphere. However, Saint Lyor brings the energy with his suave feature and is just a great addition to the record. My favorite part of the song is the bridge, “sometimes I lose my cool, I don’t know what to say.” adds to the relatability and catchiness of the music.

The visual component is equally as stellar! Sophie The Homie and Obson Joseph handled the creative direction. The film aesthetic and the shot selection are through the roof; they have more similar qualities to a short film than an average music video. This is a must-watch; check it out below! 


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