IGWE AKA & BRYVN Showcase Another Side Of California In “Not The Hills”


IGWE AKA is a Sacramento representative and he wants to bring some well-deserved spotlight to the city. Pairing with producer BRYVN for their upcoming collaborative effort entitled Cursed In Dior, we see the frames for “Not The Hills” right before our eyes.

In a world where living fast and not worrying about what you take is extremely prevalent, IGWE wants to dial things back and teach the people about the dark side of things. Now, this is not in a glorification of drugs in the slightest, it’s here only to educate those who think there are no consequences to their actions.

The music is brilliant to say the very least, and the imperfect, alternative styling AKA brings to the table is miles in front of the pack. With direction handled by Cedric Crisologo, this one-minute and fifty-two-second short film does possess a lot of stellar, cinematic qualities. Overall, this guy IGWE AKA is going to make some serious noise, so pay attention and tap in below.


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