I’m Trying To Turn Off My Phone


As I gaze into the Gulf 19 floors up I think about what it really means to take a vacation. I am constantly thinking of new clients and how to elevate whatever social platform I focus on. Though the results are great, it sometimes makes me wonder whether or not I am addicted to the work. Not in a sense that I cannot stop, but I make time for it every day and sometimes it really stresses me out. To be honest, I love the work I do, but even now I’m working on a Saturday just because it’s been that way for so long. Anyway who cares about my ramblings, peep all of the gas below.

Worry Club – All Frogs Go To Heaven

Worry Club delivers a brilliant six-song EP called All Frogs Go To Heaven. Fresh off a Spring full of tour dates and the debauchery that comes along with it, WC continues to churn out some of the best Rock in modern music. Obviously “Nothin” has its shining qualities, but cuts like “sucker punch”, “BUB” and “Same Name” showcase an energy you can only get from these bros. Their live show is just as stellar as this opus is, so it only sweetens the deal. Worry Club will be a household name in a few months, so don’t miss out on the top-tier music above.

Blackbyrd – Shoegaze For Black Kids

This is blackbyrd‘s first time on our pages, but with Shoegaze For Black Kids, we’re thinking it won’t be the last. In just nine cuts we hear this Massachusetts creative meld a variety of genres from shoegaze and dream pop to BoomBap as well. With features from Gabe Gill, Joenis, and Penny the main focus is obviously blackbyrd, but these guest appearances only add to the level of creativity of this project. A few standouts include “FUBU”, “Rebel”, and “Valentine” although there isn’t a cut that lags behind the rest. Get hip to blackbyrd, he’s onto something.

LaSalle Grandeur – You Leave Me In The Dark

This was sent to me by a trusted ear, but this is the first interaction I’ve had with LaSalle‘s music. The pulsating kick drives the tempo of the song, but Grandeur‘s voice shines bright surrounded by the stellar percussion. Songs like this stray away from the beaten path but still paves their own world. The soothing baritone vocals play with the subtle instrumentation the auditory world has created. Overall LaSalle Grandeur is a name to know, don’t sleep.

Valid & Stretch Money – The Girls

Valid and Stretch Money are back on our pages with their infectious single and video for “The Girls”. As we see the liquor flowing into open orifices, there isn’t a lack of gorgeous women to accompany the frames. With a retro-inspired look and a sample to match, this Detroit duo has some gas always accompanying their music. It’s nice to see artists fully commit to delivering visuals regardless of how out of their character they may need to get. Valid and Stretch Money continue to make noise out of Michigan so don’t get left behind.

Laivy – Black Stallion

Laivy is one of those artists who aren’t even close to hitting his peak. This young man continues to build out his catalog and with “Black Stallion” it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you can’t stop playing this one. As an adolescent musician, you have to wonder if the vocals will continue to change drastically. But in the meantime, Laivy shows, prooves and croons atop powerful instrumentation. Essentially this is a coming-of-age example as to why Laivy should be in the conversation. Do yourself a favor and peep all of this above.


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