Indiana’s Vince Ash Is On The Come Up With “Vito”


When we first covered rapper Vince Ash back in 2014 when he was just 17 years old, we knew we were onto something hot. Now, six years later, the Hammond, Indiana rapper is starting to capitalize on all his potential, and it looks like he’s in the middle of an unstoppable journey to the top. Ash, now 23, returned recently with “Vito,” a 16 minute, nine-song EP that’ll hit you like a gut punch. 

Given Ash’s Middle American roots, the tracks on this EP don’t stick to any specific regional style. Ash definitely takes some cues from Freddie Gibbs, who came up just down the road in Gary, Indiana. The common thread that ties these tracks together is the overwhelming influence of 1990’s gangsta rap. That’s not to say that Ash sounds like some tired old head; he takes that style and totally revitalizes it. “Whut It G Like” is equal parts vintage Dre and Snoop, and the Aaliyah-sampling “LMK” shows off Ash’s softer side. Tracks like “Vito” and “Mafia Music” would fit in easily with the work of Three 6 Mafia and others from the Memphis scene. 

Ash is going for a sound that ignores all trends, and the result is a project that shows off his confidence and willingness to ride in his own lane. Expect to see his face more often. Check it out at the link down below. 


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