internet_object Is Bridging The Gap Between The Metaverse And Reality


All of this NFT hullaballoo is quite confusing to be perfectly honest, but then I remember that early stages of things like this quite literally change how we spend our money. Understanding a digital world in a digital age is daunting to say the very least, but the good people at internet_object are giving us options. So their first drop, titled drop_01, consisted of 222 limited edition i_o Hoodies. Owners of each hoodie have the option to either keep their Hoodie as a deflationary redeemable 3D NFT for metaverse usage or if they want, they can burn the NFT to wear the hoodie in real life.

A pretty awesome concept to answer all of those NFT critics who mention the physical ownership aspect. This drop sold out in seconds and if owners decide to burn, the objects
also have the opportunity to live a second resale lifecycle on IRL secondary markets. It’s on the Solana marketplace I’m assuming because the gas fees aren’t fucking ridiculous.

Merchandising for artists is also an interesting topic and is quite literally some of the most sought-after clothing items on sites like StockX. Integration of the metaverse and real-life should only incentivize as many creatives to get involved in this realm. Artist merch that is available in both universes could help fans express themselves regardless of their usage preferences. Fans that want to retain their merch as an NFT can import it to their metaverse spaces and avatars, while fans who want to wear their merch, in reality,
can burn their NFT and receive their tangible merch in the mail.

internet_object is all about giving the owner options, along with giving the creative a chance to thrive as well. All is very new to our world but should be considered when moving forward into the unknown abyss.


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