The Next LVL: An Interview With Fresh Moss [Exclusive]



We had the pleasure to catch up with LVLYSL artist, Fresh Moss. In this Daily Chiefers exclusive interview, he speaks about his latest mixtape Skinny Fresco, the first time he smoked with Neako, and more. Roll it up, ignite that, let it all just settle in. – check out the full interview below.

Let’s talk about your latest release, Skinny Fresco. You released the project towards the end of March and definitely got noticed from it. How long was the project in the works and what is the history behind it coming together?

Skinny Fresco was actually in the works since the summer of 2012. It started out with just the name, it wasn’t even a mixtape this girl called me that one day and I thought it was dope. It gave me a this infamous feel so I stuck with it. At the time I was working on several different projects with Neako including his debut album T.A.T.T. Once the album was released, shortly after I started working on the music for Skinny Fresco. I started the rollout for it in May of 2013 with “CRKDLR”, followed by “Everything”. During that time we were dealing with a lot street shit so I put the project on hold. Fans were waiting for new music from me so I released the The Martyr EP in August. Which actually helped, it brought more attention to my music and myself as an artist. I took the rest of the fall & winter to finish up the project and released “Bout It” in Nov to let fans know the project was definitely coming. We released SECT in February of 2014 and by then I was ready to release Skinny Fresco. I set the date for March, released the project and never looked back since. Skinny Fresco was well received and I appreciate it because I worked my ass off on that project. People tend to forget that we’re independent and we have to do everything ourselves literally. I didn’t reached every platform I wanted but it reached the people that waited so long for it plus more. That’s always a blessing.


Out of all of your tracks on Skinny Fresco,which would you say is your favorite and can you talk about the creative process behind that particular track?

“Golden Trumpets” is one my favorite songs on Skinny Fresco and it was actually one of the last records I did before turning the project in. I was looking for one last beat to snap on and Champion sent me this beat called “Golden Trumpets” once I heard it I knew it was the one. I gave the beat to Neako and he just took it to the next level. Secretly he made the verses 32 bars apiece and didn’t tell me until we recorded the record it actually helped though because a lot of times you don’t get to say everything you want in 16 bar verses and I love to rap. I tried focusing on making records on the tape rather than just rapping, but when I get to just rap it gets real. 

What do you have planned next as far as visuals from tracks on your latest full release?

I’m releasing “Want It All” on June 4th. I don’t wanna say too much, just make sure you watch it when it drops. 

Being in a collective with quite a few talented artists and producers, how do you feed off their energy and vice versa?

As long as the energy is positive, there is unlimited amount of energy to feed off of. We go into the studio we smoke laugh eat and create music. 

On your website you have merchandise from hoodies, shirts, and quality baseball jerseys, how are you trying to expand ‘Fresh Moss’ from more than just music?

I created the merch to release with Skinny Fresco exclusively but the clothes started to sell out. I really didn’t expect that especially since I’m not fashion designer. I just had a idea that I thought was cool and put it to use. I’m working on a few things at the moment from skateboard decks to iOS apps. I’m working on finding my way to adult swim. I love what they do and I definitely have some ideas I’d like to pitch to them.

When you originally connected with Neako, he said you were making your moves and trying to find him but people were lying and scaring you away from reaching out to him. Can you discuss this situation and what eventually happened when you and Neako finally connected?

Before I met Neako I was coming off a run. I had just released my first 2 mixtapes, I performed at SOBs and few other venues. I worked with everybody in my city at the time who was somebody and putting in work. I was trying to get in contact with Neako because we were doing the same thing, he just was way ahead me of at the time and he was from my city. I wanted to learn from him because I was doing this by myself, I was 19 in college and by the graces of God I was getting the right looks but I got stuck at certain point and wondered what’s next. In this game nobody is willing to help you at all. They’re willing to use you but not help you. In all honestly it was just people giving me their 2 cents. Whether it was from personal concern or on some hating shit I really don’t care because it never came from my people directly. It’s like a stranger telling me about another stranger. I don’t know you like that & I don’t know him like that. I rather find out for myself and that’s what I did. The first time we met we did a record, talked and smoked for hours. I met everybody that day. It was regular everybody was chilling. That was first time I smoked papers. We were too high, well I was I got a headache from that shit.

How long after meeting Neako did he bring you into the LVLYSL collective?

I honestly can’t tell you. There was never a special talk or induction. If we’re talking on musical terms then I got inducted on LoudPack Tree‘s “Running”. 

How many artists are there within LVLYSL and can you talk about who some of the producers and artists are?

We’re like a secret agency. There different members active at different times. The current active operatives are myself, Neako, Young Sex Life, Nasa, 2 Deezy, & Champion.

I see PurrpDogg who made Drake’s hit track “We Made It” reached out to you on twitter, what can we expect to hear you guys cook up?

That’s the homie, he’s very talented and humble. I got introduced to him through 2 Deezy. He recently just sent me some joints. I already finished one of them and I’m waiting for a feature to get back to me for the other. 

You seem like your always in the studio working. What advice do you have for up and coming artists as far as being dedicated to their craft?

In this era it’s important that you really practice first and foremost. I can’t stress this enough. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Be yourself, don’t try to emulate other artist do what you do. You’ll never get anywhere trying to be somebody else unless your acting and if that’s then case music isn’t for you. Don’t give up even when you’ve had enough. Stay persistent and remain positive. Have faith in yourself!

If you’re in New York and want to check out Fresh Moss, he will be performing at The Black List concert at Lit Lounge next Sunday, June 8th. Further details on Eventbrite.



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