Is Kanye West Hiding A Version Of “Wolves” w/ Drake & Björk?



Kanye West officially has the most mysterious song of all time with “Wolves.” This record was first brought to our attention when Kanye West premiered it on SNL last February. The song originally featured Vic Mensa and Sia, it wasn’t until a year later that an official version was released and ultimately landed on his latest album, The Life Of Pablo. The only difference with the album (official) version is that Vic Mensa and Sia were nowhere to be found and instead featured vocals from Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw.

Kanye being Kanye promised us that The Life Of Pablo was going to be his best work yet, except for one song, yup you guessed it “Wolves.” A few days later the internet somehow spit out a new high quality recording of the Vic Mensa and Sia featured “Wolves.” Lets fast forward to yesterday shall we? new rumors are circulating that there just might be another version of “Wolves,” this version might just be the best yet if the rumors end up being true. The internet usually wins 98% of the time so I’m going to assume a new version of “Wolves” should be here within the next few weeks.

Lets get into how this rumor might just actually be truthful, Cashmere Cat who is one of the producers of “Wolves” apparently was listening to a new version that features none other then Drake and Björk. An apparent screen shot (which can be found below) was spotted on Kanye’s KTT forum and Cashmere Cat was bumping the new version. All of this assumption is based on screenshots which show that Drake and Björk in fact have something in the works with Ye and as of now there are no audio or video clips that this is truthful. But for shits and giggles lets just assume this one is true.

Wolves ft. Drake & Bjork


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