Isai Croons Some Savory Tones In The New Video For “RISKITALL”


Isai isn’t a stranger to sticking with his craft regardless of accolades. He has a true relationship with music and it helps to express his boundless talents. Yet, there is a darker side to Isai‘s sound. His melodies soothe the soul, but if you really listen to his vocals he tells of his stressors and struggles. This honest approaches to each blank canvas is what makes his music stick in my mind. It isn’t washed away with each of his releases, instead it only adds onto to his extensive catalog.

In these shots we see Isai in front of a Mexican restaurant that used to be owned by one of his family members. He loves to represent his culture in his own way, while his songs bring reality to anyone who hears them. While burning a herb or two, these color-corrected frames handled by PrinceVisualz, help us escaped our stress for a moment. This cut is off of Isai‘s most recent project A Falta De Pan, Tortillas which essentially translates to beggars can’t be choosers. We’re always here to support the cause with this guy, so bless your corneas below.


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