Isai Morales Tells A Piece Of His Family’s Story In The Introspective “Pancho”


Isai Morales has been a topic of my writing for a few years now, but this may be the favorite effort as of late. “Pancho” is a brief delve into Isai‘s past speaking on a home invasion that would change his life. His Uncle, Tio or Poncho was doing what he had to do to take care of the family. Some outsiders broke in and shot his Abuelita in the leg and you can only imagine how traumatic this could be for anyone.

The production is subtle and somber along with Morales‘ vocal illustration. With some additional help from Madbliss on the instrumentation, this cut does more than just curate a feeling. It told a heart-felt story from an artist’s past that helped shape who he is today. Sometimes we need to listen instead of talk because a lot of beautiful things are waiting to be heard. Until the next drop have a listen to some quality art below.


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