It’s Almost EggNog SZN


Every year the hustle and bustle of the days not only exhaust my weary head, but it also makes me forget a very important thing. Soon enough Egg Nog will be back on the shelves and the unwavering addiction to this weird ass beverage will be fulfilled. But a real thing with the Nog is not to overdo it. That shit is thick and almost like melted ice cream, but will solve your problems in a mere heartbeat. Nog SZN also means good tidings and the winter wonderland that either you love or despise. Until the Nog touches down, hold yourself over with some gas below.

2oo7, Shai Nowell And DivineDevine – Bottles, Coughs and Red Pandas

2oo7 is a futuristic duo that pairs together incredibly well. And in this six-song EP, you can hear shining talents from start to finish. The melding of melodies pairs with lush vocals and upstanding percussive elements teasing and tantalizing the ear. “Fall” builds off garage-inspired drums and follows into the steady “i go we go”. My favorite of the project is probably “Slowly”, but there isn’t a cut that lacks behind the rest by any means. DivineDevine‘s tone is just that, fucking divine. Angelic waves of color illuminate the sky and Shai‘s work only accents what she brings to the table. 2oo7 is the future, wake up.

YMC Ant – Sincerely From Ant

YMC Ant was sent by a good friend of mine so you already know I had to tap in. 17 songs is a lot of music to drop off as an upcoming artist, but let me tell you right from the jump you will be entranced by this wave. Songs like “Never Ending” and “What You Need” win the ear over in the first run of cuts. “Big Ant” oozes that wondrous arrogance that we love from Southern rap. “Night Time” is cool, calm, and collected and might just be my favorite of the opus. YMC Ant is a name to know, get hip to his project Sincerely From Ant below.

Fence Badcliffe – The 365

Fence Badcliffe is back yet again with his cut called “The 365” and we aren’t surprised in the slightest that this one slaps. A gentle mood, but still evokes such a powerful emotion when the melodies curve from the lip. Fence‘s tone basks in a soft realm, but the cut is a refreshing take on what modern music can be. “The 365” is a great place to start with Fence and delve into his brief catalog, though you won’t be disappointed.

Fleego – In The Mode

Fleego is one of New York’s brightest rising stars and he’s back on our pages with “In The Mode”. We see our protagonist with the team donning some suits while they stroll through the subway. You can hear the hunger in Fleego‘s voice and the cohesive vision of music is always stellar. From the sonic waves to the fits, to the framing and color correction, this set of frames pairs incredibly well with the mood of the song. If bro continues to drop fire shit time after time, it’s only up from here.

Tony Santana – Fault

This is Tony‘s first time on our pages, but after this introduction, we have a strange feeling this won’t be the last. “Fault” is full of life and energy when it comes to the instrumentation and Santana builds off of that damn near effortlessly. Hailing from Santa Ana this modern take on music is a fusion of a variety of elements that tickle the ears fancy. His wave is confident and when a song sounds this well done from top to bottom it’s really only a matter of time before the world catches on. Get acquainted with Tony Santana above.

Illusion Hills – Come Outside When The Lights Dim

Yes, Illusion Hills is still better than Brockhampton and you cannot tell me otherwise. Especially after they dropped their newest EP titled Come Outside When The Lights Dim. Seven cuts of flare and new-age boyband talents, but the songwriting is what will win the world over. My personal favorite on here is “Eternal” because of the powerful emotions it evokes from the jump. Give it about 6-12 more months and these kids are gonna either be on the roster somewhere or even opening on a tour. The sky is the limit with this collective, get familiar early.

Nick Rose – Wandering

Another first timer on the Daily Chiefers pages, but Nick Rose doesn’t waver with his brilliance. “Wandering” is uptempo bliss, but doesn’t bore me the way a lot of these other modern pop tracks do. You can hear how he really feels with the vocal approach and the blending of falsetto to his normal register is seamless. Six projects in and it seem as if this kid has a trademark sound he’s ready to share with a broader audience. Wouldn’t be too surprised if Nick makes a run, but until then dive into the gas above.


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