JayBee Lamahj Delivers Sheer Innovation On His Newest Project “Nostalgie Prelude”


I try to do my best to cover the abundance of talent the Cincinnati area has to offer. Today I gave JayBee Lamahj‘s latest EP, Nostalgie Prelude a listen and might I add that these four cuts are diverse divinity. Starting the ride off with “Porchlight”, which is a melodic trip atop a shining soul sample with Lamahj‘s introspective bars. The production builds around his passionate cadences, integrated with vocal runs to impress.

“Watchu Want” quenches the thirst for a pop-inspired sound, meshing these croons from Kianha with JayBee‘s rugged raps. “Whip II” flows into an arrogant cut featuring Dayo Gold and Roberto. All three of these gentlemen shine with their respective tempos, allowing for some varying flows to please our ears. “A.D.D. (The Tangeant)” is my personal favorite because of the self-reflecting lyricism which gives us a brief glimpse into Lamahj‘s inner thoughts. He exudes emotion from his voice and refuses to let us fall uninterested. There is some true potential within this guy and I have some faith he could make some serious waves. Decide for yourself below and enjoy the herb-filled holiday.


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