JayBee Lamahj Gifts The World A Technicolor Opus Of Love Entitled “Nostalgie Supreme”


Well look what we have a here, an impressive compilation with a variety of waves to quench any ear’s thirst. JayBee Lamahj is the mastermind behind this beautiful chaos with some help from the executive producer, Amari Eman. “Wake Up” starts things off in a wild way, actually it’s like you’re in the sanctuary on Sunday morning. Jaybee really bars the fuck out, providing a memorable set of melodies before the incredible lyricism. You have to applaud the precise cadence, along with the blend of vocal layering. Really a moving introduction to start off these nine cuts.

“Deep Endz” with pÉRez possesses a warm energy and upbeat tempo, but plays on the line of laid-back waves. pÉRez adds some literal acid to the track, tip-toeing through the shadows with his always cooler-than-you approach. “Angels” with F.A.M.E. and Phonz is a family affair but a good change of pace to flex on the world. Not only are Lamahj‘s raps top-tier, but his singing voice is rich with prowess and “Can’t Tell” is a great example of that. “3Ls” taps in with F.A.M.E. for a second time and showcases one of the coldest choruses on the project handled by Paris. With some fire additional features from Joness, NTRL WNDRS and The PHONK, it’s for certain that you walk away from this project feeling satisfied.

There’s a flavor for every type of fan and Nostalgie Supreme has a strong replay value. The focus isn’t on braggadocios claims and frivolous lies, Lamahj just wants to make timeless music that brings a smile to your face. With sheer talent brimming from the seams of this project we can only hope the world will catch on soon. Until the next drop, tap into the gas below.


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