Jaywop Drops A Fire Full Length Project Titled “Corduroy”


There’s no denying it: spring has sprung, and the official soundtrack to this warmer weather has been none other than Jaywop. The Tacoma, WA-based artist has released Corduroy, his second full-length project, and we can tell you now you’ll have this joint on repeat for days.

Jaywop released the incredible single “Red Water” earlier this year, and the addition of Mick Jenkins signaled Jaywop had officially entered the big leagues. The slick production and addictive flows on this record are further evidence that Jaywop has finely honed his craft.┬áThis project is one long highlight from beginning to end. “Drive” kicks the record off on a supremely chill note, and the good vibes continue for the entirety of its runtime.

Don’t sleep on this! Jaywop is swinging for the fences, and he ain’t missing. Stream “Corduroy” on Spotify down below.


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