Jazz Ingram’s Album Titled “Sex” Is Eccentric Brilliance


Jazz Ingram is back on our pages once again with his brilliantly eccentric album simply entitled sex. The wild thing about this project is that it’s only 10 minutes long with 7 songs. Even though this is just a brief glimpse into what Ingram is capable of, he does a great job of paving his own lane. The intricate production, courtesy of Your Friend, Kami,  is abstract but entices our ear for the entire project. Having executively produced all of sex. in addition to most of Jazz’s other records, the duo continues to elevate with everything they release. “Fr” may be a personal favorite because of his simple yet memorable cadence atop these lush chords. The only feature is from DavidTheTragic on “half a buck” and this one is a true slap. Overall, Jazz Ingram gifted us with some pure talent in these 7 tracks. Peep game people and stream this project below.


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