Jelly And Juicy J Link For An Absolute Strip Club Anthem Called “Bubble Gum”


Jelly is a vastly overlooked artist with a wide variety of skills to entice the average ear. Yes, the Pi’erre connection is a great way to sweeten any deal, but Jelly can hold his own atop any set of instrumentation. Linking with Bourne on an anthem for the strip club, they get a little bit of help from a legend in the game.

Jelly‘s tone is unconventional but definitely reminiscent of an era that Three 6 was poignant within. That’s why it’s only right they linked with the legend for the third verse after Jelly killed the first two. Juice talks the usual talk, complimenting the Strip Club employees on their rhythmically impressive feats of making their curves shake.

The energy curated from start to finish is unrelenting, exciting, and doesn’t ever lose your attention. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the flood from Jelly and Pi’erre, it’s really about that time this young man gets his shine. Peep the gas below.


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