Jerreau Breaks His Hiatus With The Inventive New Project “Keep Everything YourSelf”


Jerreau is one of the most overlooked artists in my opinion. He was a member of Fly. Union, an Ohio-based rap collective who’s music helped shape myself and a number of my peers. With this drop he’s not holding any punches and understands how important this project could be for his career.

On “Too Deep For Intro”, Bankreau delivers a steady, laid-back cadence accompanied with stellar wordplay.

“I Use to ask questions now I shoot first”.

The time is now to flourish and you can hear the hunger in his voice. But there are no signs of desperation, only focus to make sure the deed gets done. Following that cut is “Dries”, a song filled with precise cadences and ambient production. Then we get the heavy, bass-boosted “Same Team” which boasts a gospel-esque key loop. Jerreau thrives on this one as well, showing and proving his confidence doesn’t dwindle.

Throughout all thirteen of these tracks we hear a consistent subject of pushing forward against whatever is presented in life. Jerreau is one of those artists that I regard in the same light as Dom or Nipsey. The authentic truth that he brings to every effort is truly appreciated and he continuously kicks game that many have, and will learn from.

“I look out for who look out for me”

Reciprocity is a necessity at this point and this guy doesn’t have time to stifle his own greatness. With features from Kaine, Norelle and friend, BJ The Chicago Kid, soul is never a missing element on this collection of waves. The production is just as wild as the features, with help from P!!, Nyrell, Chucky Supreme, Glassc!ty and Sandy Benjamin. I only went over a few of the tracks and was blown away, then listening to the project as a whole, I love this work even more. I’ll get out of the way and let you enjoy this opus. Thanks Jerreau, we always need your music to guide us through the nonsense.


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