Jiles Strikes with “95 Glen Rice” Music Video


Brockton, MA native Jiles strikes with his newest music video for “95 Glen Rice”. With Jiles and producer Vinyl Villain announcing their upcoming project “Mookie Blaylock” this track will be featured there. Wasting no time, Jiles immediately starts attacking this perfectly orchestrated beat made for a lyrical genius. While this song is fairly short it’s packed with clever bars and a true Jiles sound which makes you put it on repeat over and over again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but I think these clean cut music videos with little editing match Jiles sound and style perfectly. With ReekShotMe behind the camera she did an outstanding job letting the beat and lyrics be the centerpiece through clean and brilliant shots. Jiles is him. Go watch this video and be ready for more from him soon. 


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