Joei Razook And Kellbender’s New Album “It’s Cooler In The Shade” Is Nothing Short Of Magnificent


It’s Cooler In The Shade is finally upon us and these 14 cuts each embody a different set of emotions. Over the past two years, both Razook and Kell have been making some of the best music of their lives. The singles “Unsatisfied”, “Cherry Raindrops” and “On Occasion” all gave a tease to the auditory pallet. Though now we have the project in its entirety, you can hear the development at such a high level.

“Head First” starts things off in a raucous manner, building off of distorted waves and protruding bass. Then followed by songs like “High w/ Me”, which has serious smash potential, and “Paranoid” an uptempo cut that remains in a cool pocket throughout. These Ohio natives aren’t worried about fitting in, instead, it’s really been about growth.

Joei‘s voice might not be fucking Sam Smith, but his songwriting and imperfections always win the listeners over. We don’t want that cookie-cutter bullshit, we want real life. Kell‘s production is really unhinged, but it’s beautifully, organized chaos. He knows the sonics and how to craft a masterful album. Overall these two will be a name to watch soon, peep It’s Cooler In The Shade below.


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